Tapas (small plates)

All of our small plates are perfect for sharing

 Salt & Pepper Seafood assorted fish cut from sushi bar in light tempura batter 6.75

Gyoza pan fried pork pot stickers with sesame-soy vinaigrette sauce 6.75

Sake or Hamachi Kama grilled salmon collar or yellowtail collar, ponzu soy, (limited) 9.75

Calamari fried tender squid steak w/crispy tempura batter, 7-spice, chili, japanese fry sauce 7

Asian Style Ribs tender baby back rib basted in balsamic teriyaki 9.75

Tuna-Pineapple quick seared ahi tuna, fresh cut pineapple, chili garlic sauce, jalapeno 7.75

Garlic Edamame sautéed soybeans in the pod, garlic, soy, sake 5.95

Coco Shrimp fresh coconut coated prawns, sweet spicy sauce 8

Edamame boiled and lightly salted soybeans in the pod, served chilled 4.5

Salmon Grill lightly salted grilled salmon served w/citrus-soy dipping sauce 6

Saba Grill lightly salted grilled mackerel served w/ponzu sauce 5

Charred Brussel Sprout fresh basil, lemon zest, diced chili, sweet soy 7.25

Bacon Bubble Gum tokyo mochi rice cake, pork belly, grapefruit, sweet soy 6.75

Panko Pork fried tender pork loin coated w/panko bread crust, japanese bbq sauce 6

Tempura fried prawns and vegetables in light tempura batter 8.5

Vegetable Tempura fresh seasonal vegetables dipped in crispy tempura 6.5

Agedashi Tofu fried tofu served w/soy sauce-like dressing 5.75

Rice bowl of steamed rice 1.75

Menu and price subject to change without notice.