Current featured specials:


Nigiri Sushi Sampler 6 piece daily selection of nigiri sushi 14

Arctic Char Nigiri 2 pc’s lightly seared, mild and tasty, similar to salmon, black tobiko 5.5

Special Sashimi

Oyster Shooter, West Coast chili soy, cucumber, shiso, lemon ice, tobiko caviar 4.5

3 Toro Sashimi  sake belly, hamachi belly, albacore belly 16

Cured Sashimi Board coffee and fennel salmon, pepper tuna, rosemary cobia, wasabi cheese, house-made: raisins, pickles, kimchi 17.75

From Kitchen

Salmon Collar sake kama 9.75

Yellowtail Collar hamachi kama 9.75

Cobia Collar black kingfish kama, grilled, citrus-soy dipping sauce (limited availability per day) 7.25

Beet and Arugula roasted local beet w/espresso beans, arugula, creamy sriracha mayo, smoked almonds 5.75

Menu and price subject to change without notice.