Current featured specials:

From Sushi Bar

Nigiri Sushi Sampler 6 piece daily selection of nigiri sushi 14

Pepper Tuna miso-mustard sauce
nigiri (2pc’s) 5.95
sashimi (6pc’s) 15.5
Arctic Char lightly seared, mild and tasty, similar to salmon, pickled peppers
nigiri (2 pc’s) 5.75
sashimi (6 pc’s) 15.5

Oyster Shooter, West Coast chili soy, cucumber, shiso, lemon ice, tobiko caviar 4.5

From Kitchen

Pork Belly braised bacon, sweet soy, jalapeno pesto, pickles, almonds 9

Grill Oyster giant oyster on half shell, sriracha mayo, sweet soy, tobiko, scallions 4.75

Seared Albacore seared tuna, mayo, jalapeno pesto, pineapple 7.75

Salmon Collar sake kama 9.75

Yellowtail Collar hamachi kama 9.75

Cobia Collar black kingfish kama, grilled, citrus-soy dipping sauce (limited availability per day) 8.25

Menu and price subject to change without notice.