Soup and Salad

Miso Soup soybean base soup 2.75

Goma Ae blanched tender spinach w/sweet black sesame sauce, served chilled 4.75

Sunomono shrimp and octopus over cucumber salad, sweet-soy rice vinegar dressing 4.75

Seaweed Breeze mix seasoned seaweed salad 4.75 w/octopus 5.75

Green Mix fresh garden greens 3.5

Salad field greens, cucumber and avocado,  house carrot soy-sesame vinaigrette       

w/chicken thigh 8.75     w/grilled salmon 9.75     w/tuna sashimi 10.25

Pickled Veggies (tsukemono) house make seasonal veggies, jalapeno, shiso mint 3.25

Menu and price subject to change without notice.