San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 3.75

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper 2.95

Ramune imported Japanese marble soda 2.50

Mango/Pineapple Frisca 2.95

Ice Green Tea 2.75

Hot Tea 1.50

Chilled Sake

JoTo, Nigori Sake (unfiltered), Japan 9 (gl)

This sake is bright and lively with fresh tropical notes.  A creamy texture that is almost chewy on the palate. 

Seikyo (Mirror of Truth), Junmai Sake, Japan 9 (gl)

A mild, mellow and delicious sake.  On the palate, it shows blood orange and clove honey with a soft and light body.

Sayuri, Nigori Sake, Japan (unfiltered, cloudy) 16 (btl)

Translated as “Little Lily”. Unfiltered sake. Sweet and creamy with a smooth refreshing aroma of rice,
joined by gently nutty flavor.

Snow Beauty, Nigori Sake, Japan (unfiltered, cloudy) 16.50 (btl)

This sake makes the perfect pairing to spicy food with its slightly sweet finish and aromas of coconut,
rice milk, and pineapple.

Sho Chiku Bai, Junmai Ginjo Premium, California 16 (btl)

Ginjo is a special reserve connoisseur class of sake. This sake use rice that is polished over 50%,
where other sake are usually polished at 30%. This sake is delicate, dry and silky-smooth,
rich and has a fruity flavor. Perfect by itself or with lightly seasoned food.

Zipang, Sparkling Sake, Japan 15 (btl)

This is a naturally carbonated sake, which is produced using a special techniques.
It is refreshingly light and slightly sweet.

Hot Sake

Hot Sake 5.75 (sm) 10 (lg)
Traditional hot sake

Purple Haze 6.75 (sm) 11 (lg)
Hot sake and plum wine


Sapporo Premium (300ml) 5.25

Crisp and refreshing taste

Kirin Ichiban (300ml) 5

Smooth, clean and full bodied

Asahi Super Dry (633ml) 10.25

Pure, crisp and dry, imported

Orion (633ml) 10.25

Clear, mild, Okinawan original, imported

Roosters Niner Bock (500ml) 8

German style lager, subtle toffee and caramel malt characteristics, local brew

Roosters Honey Wheat (500ml) 8

Lightly hopped, touch of pure clover honey, local brew



Columbia Crest Grand Estates, Chardonnay, Columbia Valley 6.5 (gl) 29 (btl)

Aromas of poached pear, caramel apple, spice, and a hint of blossoms precede a mouthful of bright fruit
reminiscent of a fresh Gala apple.

Tangent, Sauvignon Blanc, Edna Valley 7 (gl) 32 (btl)

Lime, melon and pear flavors are complemented by a stone-like mineral quality. Blended fruit adds
layers of figs and herbs.

Yalumba, Pinot Grigio, Austrailia 6 (gl) 28 (btl)

Sweet orange blossom and wild honey aromas.  Layers of baked apple, pear and cinnamon flavors followed by a succulent creamy finish.

Ste Chapelle, Riesling, Snake River Valley 5.75 (gl) 26 (btl)

Fragrant notes of peaches, apricots, and honeydew melon complemented by sweetness.  Then balanced with crisp acidity for a long fruit-filled finish.

Plum Wine, California 5.25 (gl) 21 (btl)

This wine has pure quality and fruity aroma with provocative taste. The sweet aromatic bouquet and velvet finish lingers elegantly without a flaw.The right complement for any occasion. Also a good choice as a dessert wine.


Colores Del Sol, Reserva Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 5.75 (gl) 24 (btl)

The grapes bask in bright, pure sunlight, inspiring the wine’s name in English “Colors of the Sun”.
It offers elegant aromatics, and a palate that frames bright, fresh fruit flavors in a medium-bodied structure.

Francis Coppola, Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon, California 7.75 (gl) 36 (btl)

A powerfully complex wine with a classic flavor profile and youthful maturity. Richly textured,
intensely fragrant with supple tannins and sophisticated notes of spice and oak.

Hanh, Pinot Noir, California 6.75 (gl) 30 (btl)

Intense, yet with balanced ripeness and acidity.  Charms with scents of red cherry, ripe strawberry, cola and spice with flavors recalling plums and black cherry.

Bogle Essential Red, California 6.75 (gl) 30 (btl)

A sleek texture and delicious, focused fruit flavors like cranberry and black cherry make this full-bodied wine mouth filling and compelling.

Menu and price subject to change without notice.