Peach Paradise

Delicate, edible art. That’s how patrons describe the featured dishes at Tona, located on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street. The entirety of the restaurant reflects this perception of the fare, including its design and menu.

The restaurant offers a modern, elevated dining area for comfortable table seating and a full sushi bar, where guests can watch their meal being prepared. For more of an intimate and romantic experience, guests can choose to sit in traditional low rise tables with contemporary setting in the O-Zashiki room.

Miso Salmon

The food at Tona is meticulously prepared and attractively arranged. Tona combines local seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood from around the world to provide guests a new level of culinary dining experience. Its innovative usage of global ingredients sets Tona apart from its peers. Chefs’ endless creativity brings new surprises to guests that both please the eyes and the palate. The combination of traditional Japanese cooking with modern techniques and ingredients is what guests can find at Tona.

Come enjoy what numerous national media outlets and customers have been raving about. Here at Tona, it is about having a good time, enjoying good food and good companies.