The holidays are always fun at Tona, a time to get together with friends and coworkers to celebrate one another and a job well done; treating their employees to some fun at with bowling and games, followed by delicious food at some of Ogden’s best local restaurants. This year, the 8th Annual Holiday Party was no exception.

It was time to become a kid again, with adventures at Toad’s Funzone in North Ogden. Staff enjoyed a raucous game of laser tag, battling it out in a futuristic setting. When the game was over, everyone headed into the arcade for some good, old fashioned fun: winning tickets, whacking moles & challenging one another to races.

Employees' children are having a blast.

Employees’ children are having a blast.

Tona Employees having fun at the Year End Party.After the fun was over, the staff headed over to Bistro 258 for some delicious food and merrymaking. It was quite crowded in the restaurant, but that just added to the fun atmosphere. The night was filled with laughter and staff recognition, including a trivia game to see what the guests knew about Tona. With prizes to be won –a few for staff and one for their families – the ensuing battles were fierce! In the end, the prizes for most knowledgeable Tona Sushi employees went to Kaytee, Poli, and Luis! The winner for the side of the families was Brent, Chantelle’s other half.

For the recognition portion of the evening, Tina & Tony wanted to thank certain members of their staff who have done great things in the past year. Bianca & Austin did an amazing job planning such a fun night out for everyone & were recognized by the group.Enjoying dinner at Bistro 258.

There were also thanks given to Bianca (again!), Hailey & Jessica for the fantastic job they did putting on the Tona Halloween Party earlier in the fall (You can read about it here! And check out the pictures too! It was so much fun!).

One thing is for certain, Tona knows how to say “Thank you!” and how to have a great time. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

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