How do you raise $50,000 for the Red Cross in one day? Well, if you’re Stephanie Christiansen, the Development Director of the Northern Utah Chapter of the Red Cross, you throw one heck of a party. Over one-hundred and fifty people came to the Autumn Gourmet Gala held at Snowbasin this year on October 4th. Guests were delighted with the gorgeous fall scenery, wonderful food from local restaurants, and the chance to bid on auction items generously supplied by local businesses.

Left: At ABC News studio to talk about the event with news host Dan. Right: Red Cross Development Director Stephanie Christiansen, Chef Tony and Red Cross PR.

Tona has participated in the Autumn Gourmet Gala since it started three years ago, and Tony and Tina are delighted by the event’s success. Each of the participating restaurants donated a package for the live auction portion of the event. Tona’s package included a private dinner for six at Tona, two tickets on Southwest Airlines, and a three night stay for two at any Worldmark Wyndham Resort. The package was valued at $1,900 and sold for $1,550.

Left: Silent Auction. Right: Chef Tony with founder of Indie Ogden.

Tony says the private dinner for six he has given away will provide him with valuable information. He says the dinner will serve as a “beta version” for an event he and Tina are planning for this spring. The event will be a collaborative effort between Tona and the Red Cross and will be a larger version of the private dinner included in the auction package for the Autumn Gourmet Gala.

Tasting dish from Tona

Always on the lookout for new ways to give back to their community, Tony and Tina have found a mutually beneficial relationship with the Red Cross. They are happy to help an organization that recently spent $60,000 helping Utahns who were victims of recent wildfires across the state. Tina and Tony hope that their participation in events like the Autumn Gourmet Gala raises awareness to the needs of various charitable organizations in and around Ogden. They hope that by lending their time to good causes they will encourage others to participate for the benefit of our community.

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