Five days a week, twelve hours a day, Tony and Tina are in their restaurant making sure everything runs as it should. So what exactly do these diligent restaurateurs do with the little free time they have?

Both enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, and the occasional big, fat, juicy burger or thick cut of bone-in rib-eye steak.  Tina enjoys vacationing with her family and experimenting with new dessert recipes at home. Tony enjoys lounging on the couch, drinking sake, and watching Food Network, where he gets a lot of inspiration for his creations at Tona.

Some of his favorite programs are Iron Chef, Restaurant Impossible, Undercover Boss, and Top Chef. His favorite Top Chef contender this season is Paul Qui, Executive Chef at Uchiko in Austin, Texas.  He respects Qui for his creativity, his respectful treatment of ingredients, and his restraint; all of which are qualities Tony strives to present in his own cuisine.

Tony and Tina also spend time planning for the future.  They work together to devise ways to improve customer service and maintain food quality through staff training. They dream big and like to toy with the idea of someday forming a restaurant group. Tony would love to create an Izakaya-style tapas restaurant which would serve a variety of Japanese, Spanish, Greek, or Italian small plates and would cater to business men and women wanting to go out for a drink, a light meal, good conversation, and a space to unwind after work. Tina is passionate about sweets, and if she could have another restaurant she would open a boutique bakery specializing in a variety of homemade desserts.

Though they’re always striving to improve, Tony and Tina are happy with what they’ve accomplished. They are proud of their employees and of the Japanese food they serve. They are pleased with the success Tona has achieved in the eight years it’s been open, and they are glad to be able to share the success as both co-partners and spouses.

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8 Responses to The “TO” and the “NA” of Tona

  1. Brook Millard says:

    Tona is our favorite Japanese restaurant, not just in Ogden but in Utah. Maybe the whole US. Their creativity combined with a keen ability to blend beautiful presentation with an excellent amalgamation of flavors rises Tona to the top of our list.

  2. Emily says:

    Fun to learn more about the restaurant and it’s owners! We are just in love with this place! 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  3. Nathan Straight says:

    Awesome. Especially the part about Tony sitting on his butt, watching TV, and drinking sake (straight from the bottle, I’m sure).
    We were just saying how much we wanted a good dessert place in Ogden. Get on it, Tina!

  4. Hanni Thurn says:

    Thanks for letting us know more about you guys!

  5. Julie kidd says:

    Tona remains my favorite in Ogden! To many more years!

  6. Kim M. says:

    Tona is the best!! I look forward to our date nights at Tona with great anticipation, and maybe a little impatience too! It was fun to have a little behind-the-scenes look at the wonderful people behind the amazing food.

  7. marquita martinez says:

    I love Tona’s! Best sushi around. *yummy*

  8. Nancy Sorensen says:

    I love Tona’s, it is my favorite restaurant-bar none, both in Utah and the US…and I travel a lot so I know restaurants. We are coming to see you this Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. Can’t wait to try the eggplant fries and Peach Paradise!